Confidence & Respect

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Looking for a way to build your self confidence or that of your child but don’t want to submit them or yourself to the rigours of Mixed Martial Arts like Karate. Then Aikido is for you.

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Strength & Flexibility


Development of ones core strength and flexibility is paramount to a healthy life. Here at Ellerslie Aikido focus is placed on the correct methods and techniques to assist all in insuring a healthy strong body.

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Play Aikido For FREE

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Aikido is often to referred to as the ‘Soft Martial Art’ because of it’s belief  that we should not do harm to another. Aikido techniques, unlike karate and Taekwondo, utilise the opponents energy to aid in insuring ones own self defence – Safety without harm.

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That’s Interesting

Stay hydrated

Safety of our students is paramount here at Ellerslie Aikido. Don’t forget your water when you come for a visit.

Blowing the Whistle

You don’t need to punch, kick and harm others to be able to defend yourself or your loved ones – Aikido transcends competitive aggressive martial arts like karate and Taekwondo

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Please do come and visit us and experience Aikido first hand absolutely FREE.

Everyone here at Ellerslie Aikido will welcome you with a smile and an open invitation to play Aikido with them.

We would love to meet you or your child.

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