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  The Passion behind Ellerslie Aikido – Sensei Greg Mayo?


AI = Harmony
KI = Energy (Chinese: Chi)
DO = The Way

In Aikido we learn to blend our energy with that of an attacker to off-balance and control them without the need for agressive moves or even counter attacks.

Classes as Ellerslie Aikido Club begin with a thorough warm-up involving yogic stretching, diaphragmatic deep breathing and learning to exercise (focus) ones mind.

Typical training classes involve partner practice where players take turns applying holds, pins and throws. We train to undersrand the principles and use of Ki (Universal Energy) and Kokyu Ryoku (Breath Power). Using these principles along with the physical techniques of Aikido practicioners can off-balance and control much larger attackers. Adept students of aikido can remain calm and safely handle multiple attackers.

We learn much more than effective self defence through Aikido training, we learn to overcome life’s myriad challenges through a philosophy based on learning about ones’ self.

The nature of Aikido training promotes aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility, improving lung power and inner health whilst gaining self confidence, self awareness, positivity and self defence skills.

Instructors Hugh Gribben (4th dan Aikikai) and Greg Mayo (5th dan Aikikai) both began Aikido as teen-agers in N.Z. We then took long trips to Japan: Hugh 1990~2002, Greg 1990~1996 where we studied with the great masters of Aikido.

Ellerslie Aikido Club welcomes students of all ages, and all walks of life to our friendly classes. We offer five classes per week (six classes from term two) for those ready to develop their inner strength with positive caring instructors.

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Sensei Greg Mayo