Registration Form

Please highlight all text below – copy it – then paste it into a word document and then print this form, complete it and hand it to Sensei Greg Mayo when you come for your first visit.

(I apologise for the inconveniance)

Ellerslie Aikido Registration Form:

Participants Name (s):________________________________________________

Current Age:______________________________ Date of Birth:______________

Parents Name:               _______________________________________________

Address:                          _______________________________________________

Contact Details:             _______________________________________________

Email Address:               _______________________________________________

Emergency contact:      _______________________________________________

Any health conditions you would like to inform us of?



How did you hear about us?


Please bring a water bottle, clean hands& feet and a smile to Aikido training.

Aikido is a martial art involving holds, pins and throws; we participate in

partner practice involving grasping and striking attacks.

Your teachers will exercise care so as to avoid injuries but we are unable to guarantee against injury.

Please assist us by following your teacher’s instructions.

Please exercise care for yourselves and show respect for your training partners at all times.

Thank you:

I have read and understand the above.

Names:________________________________ Date:_______________________


Club bank account for AP’s-          Kiwi Bank

Branch: Mt Wellington

Acc No: 38-9008-0242371-00

Beginners Guide

Thank you for demonstrating an interest in learning more about Aikido.

I am still in the throws of completing my “Beginners Guide to Aikido” and do apologise for this.

Please do not let this prevent you from visiting us and taking advantage of a

free training session.

We  would all love to meet you.

Kind Regards

Greg Mayo

Sensei 5th Dan Black Belt

Play Aikido – Free


What an Amazing Opportunity:

Hi Greg here,

I would like to invite you along to witness and even participate in one of our Aikido training sessions absolutely free of charge.

It would be a great time to talk with the students, ask any questions and experience the family atmosphere here at Ellerslie Aikido.

You will find that we are real people , non agressive and fun loving.

Please do visit us.

Class Timetable:

Kind regards

Greg Mayo

Sensei 5th Dan Black Belt

Aikido – Build Strength & Flexibility


An essential part of all martial arts is the development of our core strength and flexibility.

Aikido “The Way of Harmony” is a very flowing style of martial art none the less it is important to learn how to roll and land properly.

Prevention is always better than cure and here at Ellerslie Aikido we aim to educate all our students in the art of rolling and falling properly as these are core principles of Aikido.

Aikido – Self Confidence & Respect for Self and Others



Throughout life we are going to be confronted with situations where we will instinctively need to make the choice between ‘Flight or Flight’ – with the skills that Aikido provides all our students will be able to make this decision wisely and confidently.

More often than not when confronted by an attacker , a bully or the like, demonstrating confidence and an ability to stay calm and in the most part fearless will in fact deter the attacker. If not the ability to defend ourselves utilising Aikido will go a long way to insuring our safety.


Todays society is very different to 10,20 years ago, respect has reduced and as a result we are witnessing a decline in our younger generation of self respect and respect for others. Here at Ellerslie Aikido we encourage and build self respect and the respect of others.

A strong sense of self respect and self belief provides us all with solid tools to move forward confidently in our lives.