Aikido – Self Confidence & Respect for Self and Others



Throughout life we are going to be confronted with situations where we will instinctively need to make the choice between ‘Flight or Flight’ – with the skills that Aikido provides all our students will be able to make this decision wisely and confidently.

More often than not when confronted by an attacker , a bully or the like, demonstrating confidence and an ability to stay calm and in the most part fearless will in fact deter the attacker. If not the ability to defend ourselves utilising Aikido will go a long way to insuring our safety.


Todays society is very different to 10,20 years ago, respect has reduced and as a result we are witnessing a decline in our younger generation of self respect and respect for others. Here at Ellerslie Aikido we encourage and build self respect and the respect of others.

A strong sense of self respect and self belief provides us all with solid tools to move forward confidently in our lives.